• 10 August 2015
    By TGM

    Yoga For Cats

    Yes, you read the title right and we aren't talking about changing the name of "downward facing dog" to "downward facing cat".  During June, Yoga at Connie’s in Latham, Illinois held Yoga4cats, a fundraiser developed by Homeward Bound Pet Shelter volunteer Jeanette Skaluba to promote Adopt-a-Cat Month. The event may be over but we couldn't help but send this video out for #MindfulMonday. 

    There are still plenty of animals, both feline and canine living in shelter so be sure to check if you live in Illinois or your local shelter.

  • 07 August 2015
    By TGM

    Squirrel Suits

    The weekend is upon us and that means it is time for inspiration. One thing we know is there is nothing quite like watching skydivers hurtle towards earth to get your mind off work and on how to quickly ditch work and get outside.


    First name Scotty - Last name BOB from KAVU on Vimeo.

  • 03 July 2015
    By TGM

    Keeping Fit On The Go

    Never have enough time to get in a full workout while traveling. Us too. Which is why we were so happy to find Laird Hamilton's five minute workout.

    "All take five minutes or less and can be done anywhere — the office, a park, your hotel room. They'll jack up your heart rate and work your biggest calorie-burning muscle groups. Do them as one-offs, or repeat several times a day. Trust me: You will feel the difference they make in your fitness once you have time for a "real" session."

  • 03 July 2015
    By TGM

    Yoga For Running

    Running, like many repetitive activities, can leave your body prone to injury if you are not stretching properly. Thankfully Yoga has just the fix for that.

    Check out Yoga with Adrienne's awesome sequences for both pre and post run.


  • 03 July 2015
    By TGM

    Backpacking With Your Dog

    Summer has arrived and in Colorado that means it is time to break out the hiking boots and head into the mountains. Here at The Gear Movement we enjoy taking to the mountains with our furry friends; however it is important to remember that your dog may not always be up for the challenge. While you may be training everyday and see an all day trek as no big deal, your dog won’t be ready for a challenge like that unless you have been training her too.

    The Bark explains:

    “Few dogs can do a backpacking trip without endurance training. Start close to home with hour-long hikes (adjust according to your dog’s fitness level), and include uneven terrain to toughen his paws and give him a cardio workout. Within weeks, you’re likely to be ready for day-long excursions farther afield. Provide plenty of water and snack breaks, and hike only as fast and as far as your dog can go comfortably.”

    For more tips on having the best backpacking experience with your dog check out the rest of The Bark’s article.

    Do you have  any tips of your own for backpacking with your pooch?

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