Frequenty Asked Questions

+ What is a "Sale Sample"?
+ Is this item irregular or a knockoff? Seems too good to be true.
+ Do you have this item in other sizes?

What you see is what we have.  Because we specialize in sample sets we typically only receive one size in both men’s and women’s products.  But if you’re a men’s medium/large or a women’s small/medium, you’ve just found your treasure trove! 

+ Does this item run true to size?

This is a pretty subjective question and a difficult one to answer.  Fit and comfort are different for everyone.  We recommend checking the manufacturer's sizing guide or trying the item on at a local retailer before buying online.

+ What's your return (exchange) policy?

We understand returns are going to be a part of online shopping and make it easy for you to send an item back if it isn’t working out. We want to make your shopping experience as painless as possible so all returns are free for the first 365 days of purchase. Our hassle free return module is still in production, so for now please contact us. We will send you a free return shipping label and credit your account

+ Do you have another shipping option?

While we try to offer shipping options to cover the majority of our customers, sometimes it doesn’t quite work.  If you’re interested in an option not listed, please contact us with your postal code and preference and we’ll try to accommodate your request. Further information on our shipping policies can be found here.

+ Who pays customs/import fees on international shipments?

The buyer is responsible for paying any fees related to duties/customs.  We’d love to be able to cover charges such as these, but in the end we’d have to raise our cost of goods to do so and no one wants that!

+ Warranty?

We stand behind our products and will be happy to refund your purchase amount if you find your product to be defective within 90 days. Please email us at with the subject line of "Attn: Warranty Issue".

+ Why Didn't I Receive A Confirmation Email?

Please check your spam folder for your order confirmation and shipping information. If the emails still don't show please contact us and we will resend your order and shipping information.